Dental Implants - want my teeth back

I was with an expert in dental implants a while ago. Quite right, I brought up that I would be interested to redo my entire orthodontic treatment, "the other way" and replace the four extracted teeth with implants. I explained that my mouth felt claustrophobic and that I had difficulty finding the place with his tongue and breathing. "Did you ever learn why you should do this treatment?" Asked the dentist and that may just be my imagination, but I thought he was trying to hide an outrage. "They said that the teeth did not fit and this was the only way, it was a good method that they recommended." He sighed and continued, "With this method, you've got a very small mouth. The dental arch've become very slim. "(No shit! I thought.)" This is malpractice. Why did not you go to Patient Injury Board? "Reported? Should I notify a treatment carried out on hundreds of thousands of people, an accepted orthodontic treatment method? As was said to have improved my bite, my appearance and my general oral health? Since it was performed four different orthodontist and two dentists looked at his mouth and said it looks very nice out. I thought I was crazy when I thought my mouth was ruined! But I was not. Anyway, it is too late to register as it passed more than ten years. Though it does not matter. Because I do not want to get help from the same corps whoever broke me, then I would be insane for real.

The dentist wrote out a referral to a Swedish orthodontist. Said he was really good and that he knew everything that was worth knowing about orthodontics. "If you're moving it all back again so one can always resign themselves to join the rails a long time, but it seems to be able to?" I nodded. "Then there is always a risk that the roots will be damaged when moving the teeth, especially if one already moved on them once, but in the worst case, get well then replace even a damaged tooth implants." I nodded again.

In my head happened a lot. "Rails long" - it is a warning flag on the sentence. Why? Well, because almost all orthodontic problems are due to the jaws and the teeth. So you should fix the jaws first - in my case enlarge them and move them forward. Then you get to have the rail but only a short while (and then how it should be fast track that does not wear as much on the roots). In contrast, you say to a Swedish orthodontist that you want to enlarge the jaw, I can almost guarantee that they say that the possibility is very limited when grown clear and that it will possibly require surgical intervention. I am speculating of course, but I can see before me how they'd tangled with the Quad Helix long ago rails to try and move behind the large teeth in the jaw, scratching their heads, pulling and grabbing a bit to the teeth, may suggest surgery to take until the lower jaw, scratching their heads again. And when everything was ready, I would be stuck in retainerträsket forever. No fundamental problem would have been solved.

No, I have not done a couple hundred hours of research to expose myself to it. It's just a "functional orthodontist" that can fix this, it is my firm belief. I think it would be the thing for me. The entire skull may have come out of balance, I want my head to come in order again, your teeth are not as important. I've heard about people who have done it (but not in Sweden) and I think neither it would take really long time or require some form of käkoperation. So I will cancel the visit of the Swedish orthodontist and seek me abroad. I need to go to someone who sees beyond the teeth.


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Dental Implants - want my teeth back